About the Movie & Parkour

Parkour is a physical discipline, inspired by human movement, which focuses on the unceasing and skilful movement through obstacles (artificial and natural) in the surrounding environment. The movement may represent running, jumping, climbing or may include other more complicated techniques. The film will acquaint you with this sport and will show you how it turns into a way of life for those who practise it.

According to founder David Belle, the spirit of parkour is guided by notions of escape and reach, using agility and quick thinking to get out of tough situations, to be able to go anywhere that one desires. Parkour develops the bodily abilities but also requires concentration and three-dimensional thinking – estimating distances, judging one’s skills and calculating the risk.

IMDb – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1094197/

Parkour: Nachin na jivot (2007) on IMDb